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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Coronation of "The Chosen One"

Tonight it all comes to fruition…..what we have pretty much all expected from the beginning of this season…the coronation of David Archuletta – the “Chosen One” as the next American Idol.

Last nights show was outstanding. One of the best finals that I have seen…ranking right up there with Ruben/Clay. Before I get to the performances I just wanted to say that the ending of last nights show represented everything I love about AI…..Who could not love….Ruben singing this years Idol goodbye song (although not up to par with Daughtrey’s “Home)….and the retrospect of this year in review….. This was a great year…… from Josiah Lemming…..KLC selling her horse to go to Idol……to “You are my brother” (Reynaldo)……

To the show:

I didn’t really like the Cheesy Boxing analogies….it was even a little too corny for me…but I understand the David V. David…showdown concept.

Round 1: David Archuletta by a landslide

David had a total Idol Moment….”Don’t let the sun go down on me”…ranks up there with “Summertime” – Fantasia, “Solotaire” –Clay Aiken, You give love a bad name –Blake Lewis…as a defining Idol moment. David Came out and demonstrated that he really wants to win this thing. Score: 10+

David Cook: “Still haven’t found what I’m looking for”….left me cold. It wasn’t horrible….but it just wasn’t all that great….He’s shown in past performances that he can really make a song work….he just didn’t do much with this one. Score: 7

Round 2:

I actually saw this one different than the judges. I didn’t realize that these were the songwriter songs….(no wonder I didn’t recognize either song)….I thought David Cook won this round…..not by a landslide….but I thought his song was the better of the two (although they were both 200X better than last years “This is my now” which had to be the worst idol song ever --- right up there with “Do I make you proud”)….Cook sounded great….and the song seemed written for him and his style. Score: 9

David – Song was sung well….but it didn’t do much for me and the cheesy lyrics were exactly as Simon said…..a bit arrogant. I sensed that Lil David was trying to created an “Idol moment” here….and maybe tonight….with the choir and dropping balloons and confetti…it will work….we’ll see. Score: 8

Round 3:

David Cook – to me…this performance epitomized the night for him….completely wrong song choice (although I agreed with him that the show is about progression and he didn’t want to sing something he already had….I personally hate when the performers do something we have already seen….especially in this youtube day and age when you can watch it anytime). But during his performance I got the impression that he didn’t really want to win….and I agree its probably better for him NOT to win…ala “Daughtrey”….but when you saw his reaction….I don’t think that is the case….I think he would like to win….but I loved his display of emotion…to me it was a combination of incredible joy to be performing in front of 7000 people….to pure exhaustion at the end of the journey….to frustration that the judges had praised Lil David all night and he knew it was over for him. Simon gave him the incredible compliment that he is probably the nicest and most genuine contestant ever on AI….somehow…I suspect that THAT is entirely true. Cook will have a great career. Score: 7

Lil David – Imagine. No where near as good as the first time he did this song….maybe it is because of what I mentioned before…the repetition factor… seemed a little forced…but the vocal was still fantastic. Score: 8

Final Rubbertoe Tallies: David Cook: 23

David Archuletta: 26

Lil David…..this years American Idol…..


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