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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Do you like this face of Cookie?

So, this is the performance about which I am most worried. I will preface this review by saying that "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" is one of my top 5 all time favorite songs. . . . just romance and making out personified . . . ok, I'm back. Simon chose this song for Rocker David to take him out of his comfort zone and thinks he will have a "moment" with it. I'm worried. Here it goes . . . oh, oh, no falsetto . . . ok, ok, NO NO NO . . . he is doing this song with the same formula as every other . . . start slow . . . slow . . . slow . . . and then get a little louder and kinda end in a scream. To be fair, this song choice was gonna be tough for Cookie no matter how he did it . . . fairly solid vocal, but I did not enjoy his particular interpretation of it. Props for doing the best with the song that he could.

Randy thought it was ok, but not his favorite. Paula thought it was good. Simon thought it was one of his best performances and pronounced round 1 for Cowell and Cook. Um . . . er . . . well, I can say this, at least Simon is consistent.

For me (using Rubbertoe's ranking system) . . .

Round 1:

1. Lil David 10 (acapella goes a long way for me)
2. Syesha 9 strong vocals particularly in the second half
3. Rocker David 8 - Good attempt, but just didn't work for me . . . no screaming, please

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