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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Top 3 Song Spoilers: Part, er, um Quatro . . . and stuff

DJ Slim over at Idol Blog Live is reporting early song spoilers for next week's episode. Each of the Idols flew home this week, and, as you'll recall from past seasons, during these trips is when they receive the judge's song choice. I'll update as DJ Slim does. Here's what we've got so far . . .

David Cook: Judge's Choice (Simon) The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face - Roberta Flack . . . Can I just tell you that this song is one of my top 5 all time favorites!!! I am so excited with the prospect of this performance. Could very much be an Idol Moment. David's Choice: The World I Know - Collective Soul - As opposed to Simon's choice, David's choice is pretty uninspired. Hope the producer's choice picks up the pace a bit. But still y'all . . . Roberta Flack . . . OMFG! Producers Choice: "I Don't Wanna Miss a Thing" - Aerosmith - Um . . . seriously . . . could this possibly be one of the most generic song choices ever! No doubt that Rocker David will do it well, but man, not looking for much of a moment are they?

Syesha Mercado: Judge's Choice (Randy) If I Ain't Got You - Alicia Keys. Oh, ugh! Randy has given her the diva song that this girl so much longs for. I'm not sure this was the wisest choice OR maybe it was chosen to sink her so we can have a David's final. . . Why not give this girl an understated song like Corrine Bailey Ray or Norah Jones as a surprise pick . . . we'll see. Syesha's Choice: "Fever" Peggy Lee. This will either go one of two ways . . . fabulous . . . or cheeeeeeeeeesie. I hope she doesn't over perform this one (see Proud Mary Top 4). If she just sings it, she might do it justice. Fabulous song. Producer's Choice "Hit Me Up" - Gia Farrell. Wasn't familiar with the title, but when I youtubed it . . . This could be a REALLY STRONG PERFORMANCE for Ms. Syesha. Has the makings for a very fun time.

Lil David - Judge's Choice (Paula) So It Goes - Billy Joel. I was not familiar with the name of this song, so I did a little Youtubage and discovered that it's pretty typical BJ fair. Very piano driven performance. Could be a BIG winner for Lil D, but, with the offstage daddy drama, I worry about his timing while tickling the ivories. Producer's Choice: - Longer - Dan Fogelberg. Very unfamiliar with this track. Will hit up the youtubage later to check it out. However, can I just ask a question . . . aside from Randy's unfortunate song choice for our resident fauxdiva . . . WHY CAN'T WE GET SONG CHOICES FROM THE LAST DECADE! Why oh why must all of these song choices draw on so much history. Personal Choice: "With You" - Chris Brown. FINALLY! FINALLY! Someone is singing a song from the past 12 months. A definite risk because everyone will be so familiar, but I'm proud of Lil Bit! For those of you, kinda like me, who don't always recognize songs from their title . . . It's the one that goes . . . "I need ya boo. I miss ya boo. Cuz there hearts all over the world tonight . . . " Y'all Know. Ok, so it will be slightly hysterical to hear Lil David sing the word "boo" but otherwise, good choice for his vocals.

Seriously, couldn't we get a little Michael Buble/Josh Grobin for Lil D . . . Possibly a little revamped Maroon Five for Rocker D . . . an, seriously, Rocker D, Collective Soul . . . really? Don't get me wrong, I like the song, but why not SOMETHING that tests him a bit. . . how bout doin a male version of some Shirley Manson and Garbage? I'm waiting with trepidation for the rest of the selections . . . what do y'all think?

More to come . . .

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