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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Round Two: Cookie takes on Idol Cheese

Second Round is strangely the Idol Theme Song . . . This year, they get to pick one of the Top 10 finalists for the songwriting contestants . . . I didn’t quite hear the titles of the songs they are singing.

Here comes Rocker Boo . . . kind of mumbling in his lower register . . . but it picks up massively on the verse . . . and back down in the lower register . . . and back up to being stellar at the end.
Overall, solid perofrmance AND good vocals.

Randy thinks the song was just ok, but the vocals were HOT . . . Paula said something that I can’t quite decipher, but was quite positive and uplifting . . . I think . . . Simon thought it didn’t sound like a winning song.

The problem with these Idol songs is always the same . . . The judges never like them, and their critiques almost always come out sounding like attacks on the contestants instead of on the song.

I think Cookie did a good job with the song, and it sounds radio friendly. He just needs to bring up his lower register a half step, but otherwise, good job.

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