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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rocker David Dares Us To Move

The second round of personal choices ends up with Rocker David performing Switchbot's "Dare You to Move". This song is a much better choice than his original choice of Collective Soul's "World I Know". . . Here we go . . .oh . . .oh . . .he's off key . . . way off key . . . ok, now we're moving to the bigger part of the song . . . . YIKES! He's screaming! I LOVE Rocker David, but this was not good. Off key and screaming does not a good song make.

Randy thought it was just ok. Paula thought is was not his best performance. Simon thought that Round 2 was ok all around.

Round 2 was not nearly as strong as round 1. I would like to call it a tie, but yikes, Rocker David did not do well.

1. Lil David - 8 - solid vocals and points for picking a current song
2. Syesha - 7 - good vocals but a gouda filled performance
3. Rocker David - 6.5 - Yikes, it was rough for me.

Despite the above rankings, I think that round 2 was pretty much a draw.

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