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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

ídolos del último tres

- not really, but they're all we've got.

The quick rundown on last night:
We have to totally agree with Allison, and isn't it cool she got to hear the show on the radio? We should all do that next year, as we probably get hypnotized by Ryan's shiny suits and the pretty lights.
1st round, Cook by a hair (one of his 11-12)
2nd round, nobody, holy crap it was all just meh.
3rd round, Cook; but you have to give Archuleta props for breathing life into one of the many antediluvian songs of the night. As many of you have said, WTF on the ancient songs? - and were the producers sniffing bus fumes when they picked -their- songs?
Maybe they can have an all-CGI Idol next year where the "contestants" can continually sing the catalog of Gordon Lightfoot.

Double D's in the finale, and we aren't talking about Syesha's real talents. Cookie and Archie will be singing to Syesha, as she watches them in the finale from the cheap seats.

L & K: David and David survive, Syesha goes home. If there is a B2, then K: Archie/Screamesha, L: Cookie/Syesha


J said...

I agree about how cool it is that Allison listened on the radio. L and I were talking earlier and saying that maybe next year we could all tape it and make our rankings WITHOUT listening to the judges commens and THEN go back and hear them. . . wonder if we would rank differently . . .

Rubbertoe said...

I don't know if they have it on the radio here....I've never seen anything that says they do....but I agree...what a great way to experience it. I would love to listen first and then go back and watch!!!