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Monday, May 12, 2008

Operation Emancipate David . . . OR . . . Get Thee Behind Us ArchuDad!

Another take on the AruchuDad controversy. Entertainment Weekly has done a piece on the issue which brings a bit of a different skew. I'm curious though, most of the stories are asking whether or not David will be able to sing without his Dad's assistance . . . My real wonder is whether David will be able to deal with the obvious stress that would be caused by having a family member BANNED from the set when you are in the Top 3 and are aiming for a title that would/could catapult you into superstardom. A lot of pressure without having deal with all of this without also having to deal with the ramifications of having Michael Lohan as a father!
Click the link to read the story!

ARCHUDAD: The possible ripple effect.

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