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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Simon Cowell Discusses Fantasia with Ellen

Perez Hilton has posted a clip of Simon Cowell's recent interview with Ellen Degeneres. No, no, he was not announcing that he and La Seacrest will make it a double wedding with Ellen and Portia, he was talking about Fantasia's . . . er, interesting performance on last week's results show. Click the link to see the interview.

Simon dishes with Ellen about Fantasia

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L&K said...

That was a great candid chat with Simon! And how true about Fantasia's "packaging" - the hair, costume, song, & choreography were all garishly over the top. A lot of people complain that Idol pimps the hell out of FarmBot Carrie Underwood as Idol's ultimate success (Kelly Clarkson is of course FAR above her in the talent stratosphere, but she has more publicly/forcefully shaken off her Idol chains), but at least you know you're getting a slick, professional, "No. 1 Show On TV" package with Carrie, every time.