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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Not So Cute

I know Jason Castro is better known around here as The Cuteness, but after I saw this last night, I wondered what y'all thought about it: here's Brooke, crying her eyes out as she struggles to push through what must have been a painful, poignant last song on Idol, and Castro's grinning like a damn Cheshire Cat.


Rubbertoe said...

Can I tell you....I noticed that as well. David Cook approaches her and gives her a consoling pat on the back....and there is our boy smiling from ear to ear. I didn't take it negative though....not as negative as I thought KLC looked right after they cut Brooke.....I am not aware of any conflict between the two...but it certainly looked like KLC was happy/relieved to see Brooke cut... Makes sense though....she is probably KLC's competition to get the country post-idol bounce.

Speaking of Country....I've never watched "Country Star"...but my next door neighbor has made it past several rounds and in what sounds to me like the equivalent of "hollywood week".....

If she makes it......I will let y'all know!

J said...

Grrr, The Cuteness is going to lose his title if he repeats this type of behavior. I can't fault him for being relieved . . . he should be . . .

On the other subject, that is SO COOL about your neighbor! Keep us posted!

L&K said...

Oh yeah, I agree that Jason wasn't so much hatin' on Brooke as much as expressing his sheer joy at dodging a bullet. Maybe he's too young to know how unflattering it might look to those critical Brooke voters he could have gained.
KLC was working the schadenfreude, though, big time - if she'd been alone, watching it on TV, she'd have been cackling with glee.