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Friday, May 2, 2008

Song Choice Fiasco thing that we are often reminded about is how Song Choice is critical. Syesha has shown a pattern of choosing bad songs throughout the season (but she still made the top 4). From the list link supplied by J....list your worst song choices for each contestant:

David Cook - Da Doo Ron Ron or Whip it

Syesha - Another brick in the wall or Rock Lobster

David Archuletta - Welcome to the jungle or Smoke on the water

Jason Castro -We got the beat or Love to love you baby


L&K said...

Oh...we had a lot of fun with this one! and it was hard to narrow songs down to just one choice - so, here's 2 for each:

David Cook:

Sunshine Superman
Bennie and the Jet

David A:

I'm Eighteen (alice cooper!)
Super Freak

Jason C:

Light My Fire
Dazed and Confused


Le Freak
Couldn't think of another funny one for her! :(

And special guest appearance by Brooke:
I Fall to Pieces
Like a Virgin

Rubbertoe said...

Love the Brooke Extra:

My favorite in your choices though has got to be David A - Superfreak.
That would be better than Sanjaya's "bathwater" (which incidentally I loved!)