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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Is Syesha Changing?

Syesha singin a little Sam Cooke and a little Change Gonna Come – again, she looks beautiful . . . she so kind of was good for me until the very end . . . she hit the pimp note, but I really think it was out of place. In my recollection of this song and Sam Cooke - which Allison will have a better take on - its all about soulful and understated . . . Randy thought it was a mess. Paula and Simon thought it ruled and rocked. I gotta say I think Simon’s doin a little politicking here to get The Cuteness gone. I think he has thought it has been time for him to go for a couple of weeks . . . Just my opinion. And one more time, thought she was very good - minus the pimp note - but not consistent with Simon . . .

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