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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2000 + Hits, Y'all!

Seems that our traffic has picked up a bit . . . thank y'all for checking in with us. We so started this blog as a way to hang out cross country and discuss a show we love! In the grand scheme of the web, 2000 hits is small, but, I think that we all agree that it's kinda cool. Hope y'all will keep checking in!

In celebration of our 2000th hit, I want to post clips of my favorite performances for the Top 6. Hope the other taste of idol folks will follow suit. Of note, 4 of my 6 perfomances were from the Top 24 . . . not a coincidence . . . Also, these performances ARE in a paricular order . . . for me . . .

1. Lil David – “Imagine”

2. Brooke White – “Love is a Battlefield”

3. David Cook – “Hello”

4. The Cuteness – “Hallelujah”

5. Carly Smithson – “Without You”


6. Syesha Mercado - “If I Were Your Woman”


L&K said...

Oooh, I like the commerative clips you chose! My order might be different - but I loved David C's "Hello" and Jason's "Hallelujah". I am just on the fence about Carly....and I am probably just not able to forget how wonderful Kelly C's version of this song is.

J said...

I know! I feel the same way bout KC's "Without You". I just think that despite the judges comments - Carly re-established herself with this performance. . . .Particularly the first half. She really does have one of the best two "voices" on this show . . .