<i><b>THIS</b> is AMERICAN IDOL!</i>


Tuesday, April 15, 2008


And . . . THIS is AMERican Idol!

Here are "our" American Idols! And, might I say . . . Brooke looks, um, well . . .almost flashy and tasteful. And, Lil David looks, well, like a wee little powerhouse. And The Hotness, well, The Hotness looks very nice sitting on the sofa RIGHT NEXT TO MOI!

Mariah Carey Pimpage! Touch Her Body, y'all . . .

Um, Ryan asks Randy about the idols singing songs they warn them against singing . . . Randy says that they just have to be themselves . . . And this MoFo is the worst offender!

Up first, Lil David . . . doing "When You Believe" . I'm hopeful for this song. Um, is Lil David wearing leather pants . . . anyhoo . . . so far in good voice. And Lil David does his thing. Very solid performance. He rearranged it a bit and kind of worked it out. Good voice and good performance . . . and a little more edgy look . . .

To the judges . . . Randy thinks he can sing anything and that he was "the bomb". Paula thinks he was great and Simon thought that he really did a great job. . .

I gotta say, as per usual, Lil David just has one of the most solid vocals to ever grace the Idol stage. Love him or hate him . . . just solid.

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