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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Brooke White says "I'm Sorry" You Must Love Me?

Up next, Brooke White . . . singing the ONE song that I wanted anyone to sing . . ."You Must Love Me" from the theatrical release of Evita . . . I originally picked Syesha to sing this ditty, but I'm just so glad that someone did it. Here we go with "Betty" and La Seacrest introducing Brooke . . . ALW says that Brooke didn't know what she was singing about . . . but then, he told her the back story of the song . . . Oh shit . . . she has forgotten her lyrics . . . THANK MADONNA that Ricky Minor and the band are professional enough to realize what has happened and they circle back around to the beginning . . . ok, she seems to have regained herself.

Randy thinks that she improved with understanding the song, but it was not her best vocal . . Paula thinks she should never start and stop, but compliments her on her emotion. Simon is . . . surprisingly kind. He thinks this is "difficult", but that she did the right thing by starting again.

I'll say this, for once and for whatever reason, Brooke did not speak during the judges critique and only answered a question when asked by Ryan. That did her a world of good. For me . . .y'all know this is hard . . . the mistake was bad, BUT, I think she recovered fairly well. Separating the mistake, the song stretched her vocally, and I think she "got" what she was singing. Strangely, I still don't think it was as awkward as The Cuteness . . . I'm trying to be impartial here, but it is so difficult because, for whatever reason, I really "feel" her . . through three, none were terribly impressive.

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