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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Comeback Kid Continues to Prove That She Could Be "Forever"

The Comeback Kid is up next. . . She is singing "Forever" . . . I am unfamiliar with this song, but Ms. Carey got chills from her performance. . . . Here comes KLC . . . She looks beautiful and has finally lost that sparkly shirt . . . Ok, so, The Comeback Kid has got to be the smartest contestant to ever grace the idol stage. She picked the most simple song with the best high notes at the end. I kind of think she looked like she was waiting for the middle part of the song to hit before she got going. . . but that is my only complaint . . . pitch perfect!

Randy thought that she was a little pitchy but good. Paula thought she did a great job and that she was very, very clever in her song choice AND that she just gets better every week . . . strangely Paula is the most accurate judge . . . Simon thought that she was just ok.

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