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Friday, April 11, 2008

Oh My-Lanta! Top 7 Theme . . . One Sweet Error in Judgement

So . . . er . . . um, so, like yeah, the Top 7 will have Ms. Mariah Carey as their mentor. That, by itself, should not cause a great deal of alarm. As long as the Top 7 stay 15 feet back, and address her heiness as Ms. Carey, they should be fine. However, what in blue blazes is the idol machine thinking by making this week's theme . . . THE FRACKIN SONGBOOK OF MARIAH FREAKIN CAREY . . . have they lost their rule book? . . . did they stare into Syesha's eyes and become entranced by her baby cry impression? Um, I do believe the judges ALWAYS tell folks not to sing the Big 3 - Celine, Whitney, and Mariah - what will our idols sing? The only two I can think of that will get through this week unscathed are the Davids. I'm sure Rocker David can remix one of Mariah's sugar pop songs into an emo death march . . .And, we all know that these types of songs were made for our little David . . . "Anytime You Need a Friend", "Hero", or "One Sweet Day". Who else can handle these songs . . . maybe Carly, but she gets so stressed when she sings. UGH! These concentrated themes are not fair. They are too limited! Its so much better when they do a broader theme so that everyone gets a fair shake . . . UGH! I fear for The Comeback Kid, but, I think this theme which is so, supposedly made for Syesha, could be the death of her. Don't y'all just know she is going to sing Vision of Love. Tragic.

Thanks to the folks at IdolBlogLive for the story.

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