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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lil David: Sweet . . . America ! Proof that AMERICA hearts a SWEET pimp note!

David Archeletta – Sweet Caroline – only one without an iffy lower register or smartest contestant to start the song in the right key. One iffy upper register note . . . overall, the best performance of the first songs, but, I’m still not lovin this theme . . but the best of the first. . . .

Second song – America – Ok, y’all know I am a proud rider of the Lil David train, but the first half of this song was a BIG MESS. He was just all over the place. However, Lil David takes the second half of the song to remind us that he has THAT voice that can hit the PIMP notes that might make you forget that the first half of the song was a big MESS. Overall, the second half of the song worked . . . and was probably better than the whole song of most of the other performers . . .

Randy thought Lil David was the bomb diggity on both performances . . . La Crazy is drunk, but hearts him, Simon thought the first song was ok and that the second song was a “very clever choice”.

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