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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

L&K weigh in on the Top 8

Hey y'all! We have not had a chance to read the recaps or the lists for this week in-depth - just briefly glanced at them for now, but can't wait to dig into them later this afternoon :) One thing, I think I saw - we all have some different takes on the performances and the bottom 3.

Here we go, first up K's List:

1. Jason
2. Aussie Mike
3. David A.
4. Kristy Lee
5. David Cook
6. Carly
7. Brooke
8. Syesha

America's Bottom 3: David Cook, Carly, Syesha
Syesha goes home

And now, L's List:

1. Jason C. - beautiful!
2. Aussie Mike - yay! he went for the big notes :)
3. Kristy Lee - total package tonight, song, look, voice and no weird, squinty, eye thing
4. David A. - nice piano, and I LOVE Robbie - but thought he kind of phoned it in at the end of the song
5. David C. - what's up here? But still better than the rest of the girls....
6. Carly - looked better, but no on song, and she yells/screeches too much for me
7. Brooke - kind of lackluster, very nervous? should have played piano
8. Syesha - yuck!

America's bottom 3: Carly, Syesha, Aussie Mike(due to placement in the singing)
Syesha goes home

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