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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sir Andrew Llloy Weber: The Rankings and a Wee Little Synopsis

Ok, as per usual in the world of American Idol, I think that any Broadway-ish-esque type week is going to be the most iffy week of all . . . I don't have a problem with these types of songs, but, if we're looking for pop stars . . . and we hate "broadway" type performances, then why are we giving the kids this theme . . . just don't get it . . .

That being said, here are the rankings from the isle of unpopular opinion.

Number 1 and 2 are interchangable for me, but if I must . . .

1. Rocker David - He made the most of this VERY UNFAIR theme . . . he gets the number one nod from me because he picked a more difficult tune than number two. . . He kind of pulled off the romantic, sensual side of the song, even if I include the over the top wailing note at the end . . . overall, great job for a bad theme.

2. Lil David - Again, these two are interchangable for me . . . only ranked as such because I feel it necessary . . . and because I think Lil David's arrangement was a little less taxing than the Rocker. Repeat the same review as I have every week . . . one of the cleanest, clearest voices ever to grace the Idol stage.

(Small Space)

3. Carly - ALW did the right thing by pushing her towards JC/SS. She had quite possibly her second best vocal of the season. She looked great, and for only the second time, she looked confident. The only issue I have has nothing to do with Carly or her performance . . . I am worried about her choice of song in accordance with the voting audience. I don't think she is going home in the slightest, however, I do think there is the wee slimest of possibilities she could unexpectedly go to the Bottom three . . . just as a shocker . . .

(Baby David Cook's Forehead type space)

4. Brooke - I know, I know, she screwed up at the beginning, and I have a huge soft spot for her . . . but, I went back and watched the clear bottom three again. And quite frankly, I thought that Brooke's vocals were the best of the three (I know, the isle of unpopular opinion). I'm not like jumping up and down talking about how wonderful she was, I just thought that her song choice was good, and that her "actual vocals" were fairly solid and "Brooke like"

5. Syesha - Girlfriend needs to get proprs because she connected with a song better than she has in the entire competition . . .hands down . . . no doubt . . . but strangely, her connection with the song equalled her vocals dropping down a couple of notches. Its like she can either be good vocally OR connect with a song, but not both. Very strange. Based on tonight's performances she should be safe . . . based on the whole season, she should be . . . GIZONE!

6. The Cuteness - I HATE putting him here. Y'all, really, even with my love of the Brooke, I HATE putting him here, but even Brooke's restart cannot compare, FOR ME, to the awkwardness of The Cuteness in his performance. It was the wrong song. The performance was beyond awkward. . . and what's worse . . . it was sooooo forgettable.

I sooooooooooooooo don't want to predict a bottom 3 or an eliminated idol. I think this pick may be MUCH more tricky than it might appear on its surface. On the surface, the Brooke/Syesha/Cuteness trio is SO far separated from the Top 3 . . . however, I think there is an odd possibility that one other could sneak in there. . .

Bottom Three: (Though I don't want to pick it): Brooke, Syesha, and The Cuteness
Eliminated: Syesha

(Those are my official picks . . . Unofficially, I think Carly could go to the Bottom two . . . just thought I would add that).

Looking forward to the other opinions . . .

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