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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Is Syesha One Rock and Roll Too Many!!!

THIS is AMERican Idol! Here we go . . . the songs of Andrew Lloyd Webber. The theme that Rubbertoe is so looking forward to . . . :) Holla to our West Coast Contingent. So, here come our idols . . . Thank Goodness Lil David has avoided the leather!!

Let's have the judges discuss ALW . . . none of them seem terribly convinced that tonight is going to be a stellar week. Even Ms. Abdul seems to think that this week might not progress any of the idols forward . . . but, she mentions that "there are still a few strong performers left" . . . a little negative from Ms. Pollyanna!

Ms. Syesha is up first. She is singing "One Rock and Roll too Many" from Starlight Express. I must admit that I'm not familiar with this particular ALW classic. To start, she looks amazing . . .ugh, that was very Randy of me. She's on the piano! This is more personality than I'm used to from Ms. Syesha.

Randy thought that these types of songs were Syesha's element. Paula agreed. Simon thought that this was her best performance to date, and that Broadway is her nitch.

Very up and down for me. I thought the first half of the song was just ok, and the second half was somewhat better. At the same time, she has never connected more with a song. Strangely, when she connects, her vocals decline. Death spot might be a rough one for her.

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