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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Syesha: Hello and Thank the Lord!

Syesha – Hello Again – She looks scared to hug La Diamond . . . . We have some extensions in da house . . . and the damn waving hands from the freakin mosh pit . . . .I’ll need to listen to this one again, it feels like she got off the music for a minute . . . . overall good vocals, but a wee bit pitchy at times. Good job, but a wee pitchy. . . . I’m a little worried for her that she has put the wrong song first . .

Thank the Lord for the night time is next . . . Ok, Syesha is smartly . . . I guess . . . going to het her Broadway on again . . . um, I can already feel my peeps slipping away, and that me AND my cat Dave AND my Friends DVD Collection are going to be alone on the isle of unpopular opinion . . . BUT, the first um 4/5ths of this song was, vocally, ALL the F OVER THE PLACE . . . . she did hit the two PIMP notes at the end of the song . . . Great Acting Performance, but only a sub-par vocal performance for me . . . .

Randy thought her first was pretty cool, but her second found her "in the zone" which I'm pretty sure gave her the "yo" factor . . . LaCrazy thought she hit vulnerability in the first and found her "element" in the second . . .Simon thinks she is a good actress/stroke/singer . . . but could be in trouble tonight . . .

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