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Monday, April 14, 2008

The Emancipation of the Top 7: Links to Possible Song Choices

Ok, y'all, I am taking a break from writing my dissertation . . . and, I do need a BREAK . . . so, I'm gonna provide some youtube clips to some of the more obscure Mariah songs I suggested for the Idols to sing.

The Comeback Kid - I Still Believe. Originally crooned by Brenda K. Starr . . . kinda simple . . . lots of high notes, but simple enough that I think KLC could bring home the money

Lil David - The obscure song I mentioned in the previous post is "Til The End of Time". This song would have to be edited correctly to work, but, Lil David is probably the only one left who could pull it off . . . I'm sure it will be "Hero", but, I hope it is this little ditty . . .

Rocker David - I would really like him to perform "The Wind". Now, when y'all listen, y'all are gonna be like . . . um, what are you smokin, J? But, just think about it . . . it's very, very subtle and could show a different side of our boy. Y'all know that every rocker needs a soft side . . . perhaps a way for him to shine minus the obligatory emo death march . . .

Just thought I would shed a little light on my choices . . .

Less than 24 hours, yo!

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