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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Is Brooke White Your "Hero"?

Next up, Brooke . . . shiney, sparkly Brooke . . . she looks more grown up and more, maybe, sophisticated than she has before. She's singing "Hero" . . . I'm hopeful for this performance . . . and Ms. Carey hugged her. Here we go . . . Brooke's at the piano . . . Nice job, Ms. Brooke . . . Nice job. I really liked the different take on the song. Thought she hit a couple of high notes very nicely. Good Job.

Randy thought she was great until the bridge. . . (which I liked) . . . Paula thought she did a Great Job . . .minus a few pitchy spots . . . Simon thought she was a bun withouth the hamburger . . . I think Brooke did a good, solid performance, in what I consider to be an unfair theme week . . . She's got some confidence problems, but, I think Brooke did what she needed to do to get through this trying week.

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