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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Is Carly Smithson a Superstar?

Next up, Carly Smithson . . . First off, I gotta say, WHY OH WHY WONT THEY GIVE HER THE PIMP SPOT . . . must that spot ALWAYS go to one of the Davids? Jeez! This just infuriates me . . . I'm probably the most worried about this performance . . . she's in the fifth spot and singing a GREAT BIG SONG . . . one of two things will happen. If she hits it, she will return to Top 3 status. If she falls flat, she could go home. She is in control of her own fate here. . . . I'm crossing my fingers, here we go . . .

Randy says the bigger voices tonight are doing better, not her best, but VERY GOOD! Paula thought the chorus was GREAT! Simon thought it got shouty in the middle, but one of his favorite performances of the night . . . and then she pulls out a t-shirt that says "Simon liked me (tonight)" . . . very cute.

I definitely thought it was the second best vocal of the night. I know I'm on the island of unpopular belief here . . . and I HOPE I'M WRONG . . . but, I worry about Carly singing a song that shouts the words "Jesus Christ" over and over again. Just a thought . . . for me, clearly the second best "vocal" of the night.

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