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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Cuteness hopes to produce a Memory!

Up next, The Cuteness! He's singing "Memory" from Cats! Homo say what? ALW said he never thought he would see a dred locked man sing this song . . . and he wants The Cuteness to let go in "a way he's never done before" . . . Homo say what?
Anyhoo, here he goes . . . Um . . . I don't quite know what to say through the first part of this song . . . very restrained might be the best I can come up with . . .

Randy says um, wow. He liked that vocally it was a train wreck, but the dreds made it interesting. Paula thinks that people are used to hearing it from a female powerhouse, but thinks it was a wise choice and "further identifies his unique being" . . . and stuff . . . Simon thought it was the longest two minutes of his life.

On the positive side, he was on pitch the entire song. On the other side, in my opinion, it was SUCH THE WRONG SONG FOR HIM . . . yikes for me. However, like last week, I think this is an unfair theme. Two weeks in a row, the Brooke, Rocker David, Cuteness train is left trying to figure out what the frack to do. The Cuteness is also in a bad position in the lineup. Could be very vulnerable with that performance.

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