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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Entertainment Weekly Hopes for ALW

Michael and Missy from Entertainment Weekly have once again provided us with their hopes and wishes for the Top 6 and their attempt at Andrew Lloyd Webber. I am sad to see that the theme is actually limited to the songs of ALW and not a full on broadway theme. Much like the folks at EW, I am always confused by the inclusion of this theme week when we are trying to produce pop stars . . . Anyway, the picks are interesting and are full of Evita and JC Superstar. I'm quite interested to see what our Idols actually pick . . . Click the link to watch the video

Entertainment Weekly Picks for The Top 6

1 comment:

Rubbertoe said...

Hey J:

Thanks for posting this. I found it very interesting.

The highlights for me:

Brooke - please no scrunchface

Syesha - thinks she has to have a note that goes from here to New Jersey....

....and best of all....the fact that they both agree with me that "Another Suitcase/Another Hall" is the song for Castro.

I disagree with them on one thing though....they haven't done their homework. I will go on record and GUARANTEE that neither Lil David nor Brooke will do a song from "Jesus Christ Superstar". (If either of them can take away a point from me for each that does...that's how certain I am)....see....both David and Brooke are Mormon....I'm from UTAH....HELLO. Mormons, for whatever reason, consider Jesus Christ Superstar a HUGE Sacriledge.
Maybe they are too young to have felt the mormon backlash and so I could be wrong. But most Mormons consider JC/SS similar to pornography....that's how strong their dislike of JCSS is. Ask a Mormon will get the likely response "Jesus Christ...Superstar...who in the hell do you think you are"....which interestingly enough is an urban legend in itself. Admit many of you also think that that line appears in the song. It doesn't and never has....just an interesting sidenote (interesting to me anyway...and I am very good at amusing myself)!!!