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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Top 5 Song Choices: Diggin For Some N Dizzle tunes

I'm a little stuck about the possible choices for Neil Diamond week. So, I went and did a little research on Amazon. Even after looking at serveral "Best of" CD's, I could only come up with possible choices for three of five Idols. . .

The Cuteness - "Red Red Wine" (Of course he could choose to change the words to "Good Good Weed"
Rocker David - Girl, You'll be a Woman Soon - I'm gonna need him to do this!
Brooke White - Play Me (Although she will probably sing I'm a Believer)

I'm stuck on Lil David and Syesha . . .

So, I went to Secondhand Covers to see who else had covered Neil Diamond songs. Interestingly, they also had a long list of songs that Neil Diamond has covered. Since they let Carly (sniff sniff) sing "Without You" on Mariah Carey week, I wonder if the Top 5 will be extended the same luxury for Neil Diamond week. If so, here are more suggestions

Syesha - My Heart Will Go On - Oh yes, people, he covered Celine; Spanish Harlem; River Deep Mountain High (This could be quite ROCKIN)

Brooke White - The Way You Look Tonight ( I HEART this song ); I Think Its Gonna Rain Today (Beaches Soundtrack)- this pick could REALLY work for her.

Lil David - Unchained Melody - A HUGE RISK because of the Simon OBSESSION with this song. But I think Lil David could BLOW IT AWAY! In the Still of the Night;

David Cook - Can't Help Falling in Love - he could do a rockingly scary emo-death march out of this one. OR Groovy Kind of Love - Could turn this into another "Hello" experience.

Brooke White - I also think she could do a good job on "Groovy Kind of Love" - could redeem herself on piano.

What do y'all think?

1 comment:

L&K said...

C,mon, "Cracklin' Rosie, get on board....What, no "Forever in Blue Jeans" or "Longfellow Serenade"??? LOL

Seriously, though, what about a reworking of the Neil/Barbra duet of "You Don't bring me Flowers" as a solo song for Syesha.

And "I Am, I Said" for Rocker David.

He had a lot of ballad, sad stuff in the 80's didn't he? Surely someone can mope around with one of those.

Personally, I like "Holly Holy" - but probably no one will do that.