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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Overall Rankings

1. Lil David - Far and Away the number one performance of the evening for me. As I have previously stated, probably the clearest, cleanest voice ever to grace the idol stage. Not my overall favorite from seven seasons, but simply amazing. Great song choice.
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2. KLC - No one is more surprised than I am. . . This girl gets a little better every week, but, I gotta give her a wow for this week's performance. Perfect song choice . . . Perfect look . . . Great, and I do mean Great, vocal. So very impressed. That being said, #2 and #3 could easily flip flop for me.

3. The Cuteness - The boy may have picked up his contender status with this absolutely precious and genuine performance. The Cuteness, the ukulele, and the pulled back dreds made for one fantastic performance. Excellent!

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4. Brooke White - again, I figure I'm on the island of unpopular opinion here, but I really enjoyed her performance. She is the top of the middle group for me because she was the most vocally sound. Fewer pitch problems than the other idol in this category . . .

5. The Hotness - Don't get me wrong, y'all, The Hotness is still in tact. . . And, I loved his song choice . . . and his charisma, BUT, their were some pretty decent sized pitch problems several times in the performance.

(Lauren Hutton Tooth-Gap Space)

6. David Cook - The white jacket, the arrogant performance, and the behind the music (Not VH1) vocals all worked together to put Mr. Cook in my bottom three (Not America's mind you, but, mine). I just didn't dig it . . . but, I still love him.

7. Carly Smithson - Ugh! I wanted to like this one. I love her. I love her tattoo. I loved her new look. I did not love the performance. The beginning was good, and then she went into a kind of hoars-y screamy, pitchy thing. Did not love it.

8. Syesha Mercado - Broke the cardinal rule. Nothing more to say.

America's Bottom Three (READ: NOT MY BOTTOM THREE) - Syesha, Carly . . . do I have to have a third . . . Kristy Lee Cook (make note, she does not deserve this position, and, if she ends up here, she will be first to go back.

Eliminated: Carly Smithson . . . in a shocker!

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