<i><b>THIS</b> is AMERICAN IDOL!</i>


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Live Blog . . . A Wee Bit Delayed . . .

This is AMERican Idol!

First thing I’ve got to say is . . . What is Paula Wearing? Random gold flecks everywhere . . . YIKES! So, Here are our Top 5 . . . of note . . . WHERE ARE OUR MAKEOVERS . . . every year, around this time, we get a couple of good makeovers, UGH. Brooke kind of got made over earlier in the season by introducing her to the flat iron, AND Rocker David got a makeover by getting that innovative thing called a haircut, BUT, no one else. UGH! What happened to the days of Kelly Clarkson coming out with a new hair color OR Clay Aiken being remade from geek to geek-sheik? Ugh. At least we have Syesha with some knew extensions . . .

Here come the Idols . . . in what I fear will be a very rushed hour of Diamond . . . um, er, fun . .

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