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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

L's Musings on Mariah

What a weird week (for me) and I am guessing the rest of us Idol bloggers! It is really odd - to have the judges say, time and again, don't choose Mariah, Whitney, Celine - because you don't want to be compared to that..... So then, what the hell, let's just have Mariah as a mentor and then sing only Mariah songs?!

I don't listen to much Mariah - but I did like "Vision of Love" and "Fantasy" (mainly because she sampled Tom Tom Club's "Genius of Love"). one sang the first one (I am not sure who could have, anyway!) and then - no takers on Fantasy? Oh well.

I struggled with the rankings too - but here is my take:

1. David C. - cool arrangment for me, loved the "stalker-ish" vibe! Great performance
2. David A. - I thought much better than "Angels", more mature performance - yay! didnt seem like a little kid and that's why I ranked him above.....
3. Jason C. - so if "The Hotness" was at J's house, then "The Cuteness" left for TX as soon as he finished that song - fun!

The guys rocked! and then, there's the gals: (Who I think had it much harder than the guys, because of the obvious comparison factor)

4. Carly - no one can outdo Ms. Kelly on this one - but she tried. LOVED the first part, not so much the end. But she was confident throughout.
5. Syesha - didn't know the song, but she was consistent throughout the song
6. Brooke - Loved the first part - really thought she was going along beautifully, then she just lost all confidence and it fell apart for me.
7. Kristy Lee - Probably unpopular here with my thoughts - but didn't like it at all, I was distracted by the need to make it sound more country. She has been doing so well lately and maybe she tried too hard?

It was hard to pick the America bottom three, I thought it should be an all girl bottom three though.

America's bottom three: Carly, Brooke, Syesha - going home: Carly (due to position, and the "7" tattoo she got)


Rubbertoe said...

Glad to see you got the photo up.....only now....1 question....who's L and who's K?

L&K said...

Sorry about that :) - L(isa) is on the left and K(ev) is on the right. K does not like that picture of himself, but L says it is the only good pic of her out I win! - L