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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I Kinda Thought David Cook Would "Always Be My Baby" . . .

Rocker David - Always Be My Baby - I'm scared . . . yikes . . . I don't really understand this song choice, but maybe he'll death march it out and make it brilliant . . . Mimi likes Rocker David and is looking forward to his performance. Let's take a listen . . . Um . . . er . . . I have no doubt that I am going to be existing on the island of unpopular opinion here, but . . . I really did not like that performance. For me, it was a great big mess. A positive note, the arrangement was absolutely beautiful, but . . . Rocker David's vocals, IMO, just sucked. The song was set to low, and, despite the beautiful arrangement, he did not really alter the vocal arrangement . . . he only slowed it down . . . which only made me think of the original when I listened to this version. I just didn't like it. But, I do love the David Cook.

Randy, Paula, and Simon thought it was amazing. However, during the comments, Simon said that it was like going from bad karaoke to a concert . . . Um, don't diss on The Comeback Kid! Yeah, I said diss, what of it? :)

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