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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Top 8 Results: Um . . . EXCUSE ME!

So, I couldn't do a live blog because Idol came on at 7pm . . . when it always comes on at 8pm . . . UGH!

Anyhoo, I came in when Ms. Sparks was getting her platinum record! Hooray for Jordan! I am very happy for her! Ttown Idol Fan said that she and Chris Brown sounded really good!

When I arrived, Lil David, Rocker David, and The Brooke were sitting on the Couch of Glory!

Up next, The Cuteness and a recap of his little ukulele . . . sooooooo cute! And, of course, he is safe.

Next up, The Comeback Kid (KLC). . . Ryan toys with her a little bit, but she looks confident . . . no "Kristy's Seat" note tonight. As she should be, The Comeback Kid is SAFE!

That leaves The Hotness, Carly, and The Breaker of the Cardinal Rule in the Bottom Three. Carly immediately raises her hand when Ryan teases the commercial with the question "Who has the lowest number of votes?" Not a lot of confidence in tattoo land . . .

Let's skip to the meat . . . Randy thinks that America doesn't really have it right . . and neither does Paula. Simon thinks that he and America are finally seeing eye to eye.

Ryan says that after the nationwide vote, Syesha and Carly are safe . . . um, clearly listening to my ipod for eleventy hours per day has tainted my hearing . . . surely that did not just happen. Ryan tells us that The Hotness has the lowest number of votes . . . But wait, now La Seacrest is reminding us that last year on Idol Gives Back that no one was sent home . . . but this year . . . The Hotness has been eliminated.

Let me just say, I was watching the results with TtownIdolFan, and he was so mad that he turned off the television and slammed the remote down. I cannot possibly express just how cruel La Seacrest was with the teaser that The Hotness could be safe. It was unnecessary! It was just down right mean! Did he wake up on the wrong side of the bed? Did his flat iron have a short? Did he stumble into some unflattering light? What could have possible prompted him to be like that. I realize I shouldn't be so quick to criticize Ms. Seacrest . . . she was probably just reading the script as she was directed, but, I gotta tell ya, it was pretty damned awful.

Hrrrmph! That sucks! The Hotness should have been good on into the Top 5. I'm not happy with America.

Like Allison's sister, LT, I am bitter.

Very, very bitter.

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Rubbertoe said...

Wow....I just got down watching. I feel almost exactly the same.
I thought it came on at 9 so I missed the entire first half.
Then MJ gets cut......I didn't see that coming at all....he was a shoo in for the top 3....and KLC and Syesha are still here?
And Ryan doing the teaser was not only was stupid for nothing.......completely uncalled for.... many emotions right now....