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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The First Spoilers Are Rollin In . . .

DJ Slim over at IdolBlogLive has posted the first spoilers for tonight's Top 7 foray into the world of Ms. Carey. Very . . interesting . . . choices.

Carly Smithson - "Without You" - we already kinda knew this one
Jason Castro - "I Don't Wanna Cry"
David A. - When You Believe (Originally a duet between Mariah and Whitney)

A few comments here . . .

Again, I think Carly could create a bit of a moment here . . . if she'll just chillax

The Cuteness - Er . . . Um . . . Ok, this song is from La Carey's first cd, and it is a little less divaesque than some of her other ballads . . . but, um, I'm unclear on how this one is going to go . . . He's gonna have to unleash his romantical side and show us some passion. Goofy looks and cute smiles will not sell this one . . .

Lil David - A message song, but not the one I, or many others, thought. I hear there is an alternate version to this song that the wee, little one could be using. I'll try and find it.

Of note, Lil David choosing "When You Believe" could free up Hero for The Comeback Kid.

Hit the link to check out the story . . .

Top 7 Spoilers

More later . . .

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L&K said...

It may be my computer, but I couldn't get the Top Seven Spoiler link to work correctly :(

Whew - just don't know about Mariah week...have y'all started yet on the 2 drink minimum tonight??