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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

J's Rankings: I'm Just Going On My Gut, Yo!

Here we go . . .

1. Rocker David - Thought his first performance was on the good side of "Ok", but his second, for me, was the best of the night . . . Good Job on vocal/performance 2 . . . on a subpar night . .

(Small Space)

Two and Three are pretty interchangeable . . . but here it goes

2. Brooke White - As with Rocker David, the first performance was just ok, not great/nor the nightmare that Simon categorized it, however, her second performance was the second best of teh night for me. Brooke, with some confidence, at the piano, just sat right for ME. Smart song choice, well sung, well performed, brought her back to the competition, FOR ME . . .

3. Lil David - Opposite from the first two, his first performance was the BEST of the first round and the third best of the night for ME. I thought "America" was great from the second half on . . . Lil D is the only performer capable of erasing all bad thoughts with the brilliance of his pimp notes. That being said, the first half of "America" was rough . . .

(slight space)

4. Syesha - Lo as I walk through the isle of unpopular opinion, I shall fear no evil . . . her first performance should have been her second. That being said, I thought both were littered with randomly performed vocals. Her first performance was MUCH more consisitent . . . her second was much better PERFORMED, but vocally, ehh, go back and listen, the first two thirds of that last performance were ALL OVER THE PLACE, the last two pimp notes were brilliant, but otherwise, just eh, vocally, for me.

(Massive David Cook FiveHead Circa Baby Pic Space)

5. The Cuteness - Y'all know I love him . . . but, seriously, yo. He just looked so bored to be there on both performances. Number 2 was better vocally, but both just kind of sucked hardcore. . . we'll see if his fan base will move him through and upset the Idol Machine plan of 2 boy and 2 girl . . . we'll see.

Not my Bottom 2: Brooke and The Cuteness

Eliminated: The Cuteness

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