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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

If this is the best diamond that I receive, then I am giving it back...

Everyone knows that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but I think I would rather see what my enemies offer up...

Tough night for the Idols (or at least the audience -- especially Paula!). Not much stood out, but here are the my unofficial rankings of the performances:

1. No question David Cook song #2 was as good as it was going to get last night. He seems hip and relevant to music today. Even little David - as good as he sounds - is niether hip nor relevant.

2. Brooke's song #2: As Josh knows I have been off the Brooke band wagon the last several weeks because she wasn't giving us anything. but this performance is why I liked Brooke during the top 24 rounds and why I want to like her now.

3. David C. song #1: see above

4. Little David song #1: I love sweet Caroline.

5. Little David song #2: There is not a lot to say new on little David. The kid can sing. The second song was kind of a mess in parts (the arrangement, not the vocals). Little David has nothing in the world to worry about. Don't we all wish we were 17 again with nothing in this world to worry about.

6. Syesha #1: Hello. Hello. Syesha made a mistake in putting this song first. I really liked her, but I am not sure about the random standing up at the end for 4 notes. And what happened to her shoes...

7. Jason #1: I would forever wear my blue jeans (or at least my denim skirt) for him.

8. Brooke #1: I am a believer. I am glad that Robert is on board with me about this. I thought it was a mess and cheesy and ugh... My apologies, Joshua. (At least I am little sister and not your straight girlfriend so I am not so easily replaced!)

9. syesha 2: Alright already, you need to be on broadway with Clay A.

10. Jason #2: Yikes.

Bottom 3: Jason, Brooke, Syesha
Going home: Jason :( (but if I am right I am in line for a bonus point)

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L&K said...

Loved the forever in denim bluejean skirt comment! :) I'm right there with ya... L