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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Comedy and Tragedy

So I was so excited for ALW week....and it turned out to be a flop.
I also think I watched a completely different show than J, after reading his review. Here is my take.

There were 2 really really good performances, 3 good performances and 1 horribly pathetically awful one.

Lets start with the best:

The REALLY good

1. David Archuletta. I was so afraid when I heard he has doing this song. But his version of it was incredible. Far and away the only truly incredible performance of the night.

2. Syesha. I wasn't familar with the song. I googled it earlier. I haven't seen Starlight Express...but I do know some of the numbers...but not this one. For once....a SMART choice....a perfect number for her and it was sung really really well.


No HUGE SPACE.......

3. David Cook - When it was good it was good....but when it was just wasn't great. I agreed with Simon completely. David really went down more rungs on the ladder for me....(And I am a David Cook fan)....his choice of song calls into question his judgement. There were so many better songs to choose and he chooses just wasn't very good. Good enough to get through....but I expect sooooooooooooo much more from him.

4. Carly - Smart song choice. Pretty good....but out of her range and her safe performance without going for the high notes affected the performance. She looked fabulous....and I liked her upbeat energy....but it once again reeked of desperation.

5. Brooke- Beautifully sung but without the passion and heart of the Madonna version. She looked incredibly beautiful....but her screw-up at the first affected the entire performance. She just was completely off the entire song.


6. Castro - I pains me......and I agree with J here.
I knew he was in trouble when I saw he was doing this song. It was was more than was downright torture. I couldn't stand the gasps for air every 5 seconds......I couldn't stand the whiney nasaly tone of the song......I like his whiney (pseudo enrique eglasias) sound...but this was just bad.....and to make it lacked all of the charm and cuteness that we like David Castro for.

So I am torn. I need to sleep on this one. I agree with J....this weeks elimination will be more complicated...

Based on performance this night alone....Castro by a landslide.
But.....there are other things that are going to factor in. Safe to say.... David and David are safe.....but Syesha, Castro, Brooke and Carly are all real predictions in the morning......

tonight.....I will sleep and try to forget this nightmare of a show.

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J said...

Ok, we were not really that far off from each other . . . just a few places . . . We have differing opinions on Syesha and Rocker David, but otherwise, we were kind of in the same place. Just an awkward night overall