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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

KLC in my top 3?

OK...What am I thinking, Kristy Lee Cook in my top 3? Are you kidding? much as I hate to admit it and want her to "just leave"....I would place her in my top 3 performances last night. It was the first time since auditions that I actually thought she sounded as good as she looked.

Watching last nights show was a little déjà vu. I couldn't help but look at the people in the crowd and say....hey I was there last week....ok....just get over it already.

First up was Michael John - was ok....I think the stylist needs to work with him a little more. Two weeks in a row with the ascot? Get over it already. He showed that he is no Steven Tyler. The song was pretty good but the falsetto was horrendous

Next up - Syesha. Can I just say that last night I was completely irritated by her. The girl proved once and for all that she has absolutely zero sense of judgement. What was she thinking.....Fantasia's "I believe"...? She has consistently made horrible judgements in song choice and as a result has sealed her own doom. The song was passable but she proved that she is NO Fantasia. The song lacked any of the passion/energy that Fantasia put in the song (especially in the refrain). She took a great song and made it as bland as last years "This is my now". The only positive thing I can say is that it wasn't as bad as Lakesha's "Jesus take the wheel" from last year.

Jason Castro - OK...when I read that he was doing "Over the rainbow" I cringed. It never occurred to me that he would do "IZ'S" version of the song which I love. Jason not only did the song was great. A few missed notes, but overall pretty dang hot.

Kristy Lee Cook - As I said. Brilliant song choice. She looked hot and sounded great. As much as it pains me.....she gets my props.

David Cook - Horrendous. Pompous (as Simon said) with no justification for it. I didn't get it. The outfit was horrible. David dropped a bunch of rungs with this performance. His "give back" writing on his hand was silly and corny. C'mon are soooo much cooler and better than this.

Carly - I completely disagreed with the judges here. I thought for once it was a great song choice for her. It actually helped me understand who her audience/niche is. I thought she looked good on stage....the aquamarine color (If that is what is what) looked good and I thought he "angry" sound/performance was fitting for her style and the song.

David Archuletta - Best performance of the far. David doing what David does best. Started out a little weak...but by the time he was finished I was once again in awe. The chosen one has returned.

Brooke - Looked horrible and sounded blaise (Is that how you spell it). She takes one of the greatest songs written and performs it as if she herself is bored. (I would not want her as my "friend" if her performance is any indication of our relationship). She also displayed one of my pet peeves about Brooke...her little "I love you" hand signal to her family and her focus on them...was exactly what she did last week. I have nothing against loving your family or appreciating their support...but if she is going to be a "star" she better start realizing that there is an entire audience out there that she has to connect with. Being the "American Idol" is different than singing songs to your family around the living room.

So who SHOULD be in the bottom three: I hate to say it....but it should be Syesha, Brooke and David Cook. (I know....gasp!!!!)

Who will it be: Syesha, Carly and Brooke.

Going home: Duh - This one is a no-brainer for sure......Syesha.

Tonight - 2 1/2 hours!!!! Wh- hoooo!....Idol gives back.

P.s......anyone watching my third favorite show: Hell's Kitchen? Can I say...I love Chef Ramsey!!!!



Rubbertoe said...

I forgot to post my top 3:

1. David A
2. Jason Castro
3. KL (gulp)C

J said...

I love that we all seem to be on the same page for the Top 3. Allison and I actually made a comment about how upset you were going to be about the KLC. No denying it, though, she kinda rocked my face off.

Rubbertoe said...

That's much as the colonel irritates me....I'm not a huge hater....not like I hated Taylor and Phil Stacey.....I was blown away last night and have to admit that I was irritated for having to actually like her performance......guess I could sing "I hate myself for loving you".....