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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Top 7 -- Ms. Allison is emancipated (until ALW takes her hostage next week)

So in fairness, I will admit that I am not a HUGE Mariah fan. Obviously she is a great singer, but that just is not my style of music. I really wasn't familiar with several of the songs so I couldn't tell if the idols reworked those or what was happening there. I really had a hard time with ranking this week because other than 1 and 2 the others didn't stand out to me. My 3-7 could have been in any order.

With that caveat, I give you my picks of what I liked the best:

1. Jason C. -- I kinda was digging the arrangement. Sting-like vibe. I'd be at that luau with Paula!
2. David A. -- The boy can still sing, but I really did not like the song.
3. Carly -- I liked her version of this song. And I knew the song so I felt better about it. (But Kelly Clarkson's version was much much better. ) She will suffer in the voting this week because of the judges' harsh words.
4. David C. -- I am ok with the song and performance. His singing has been better, but he had a tall order for this week.
5. KLC -- She may be the best comeback story in idol history. Mark another safe week down for this future country star.
6. Brooke -- LOVED the first half of the song. Not sure what happened the second half, but she looked terrified and didn't sing or play the second half of the song well.
7. Syesha -- I just didn't like it.

America's Bottom 3: Carly, Syesha, Brooke
Going Home: Carly

P.S. I like ALW a lot but I remember a few seasons ago a Broadway night where Randy made the statement that they shouldn't do a broadway night ever again.

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