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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Please tell me this isn't me

OK. I was on Youtube this morning and I came across this link. I was laughing hysterically. Compare what this queen says and what I have written regarding ALW week. His thoughts/predictions are almost exactly the same as mine. When he got to Castro...I about died.

Check it out:

And please tell me that I don't talk like this!!!


L&K said...

Oh, my effing god. This guy was hilarious. The Jason comment (it's all about Mr. City Opera!) was priceless, but what really cracked me up was the fact that this guy felt compelled to tape himself, talking about his disappointment over the Mariah/ALW mixup, then post it on YouTube - and yet he never bothered to, I don't know, click on the Fox website, or Google for crying out loud, to do a little research on when ALW week was going down.
That guy pales next to you, Rubbertoe! Maybe he's NeopreneToe.

J said...

That was AWESOME! I heart that this little gay boy felt so strongly about the ALW that he felt the need to record a youtube clip. Rubbertoe, you are correct, the part about The Cuteness about made me spit out my coffee.

And, about your potential similarities to this young man. Can't really judge, yo, haven't heard your voice. I would imagine your passions are similar, but I'm not sure you would go so far as to record and post the actual clippage . . . yet . . . guess we'll see how you feel after the show. :)

ttownidolfan said...

I heart him! I am his new stalker!

Rubbertoe said...

I actually kinda liked this guy too....but....I am afraid the sometimes when I get overly excited about AI I sound like that...I guess I am projecting my fears about myself!!!

OK...Allison...did I sound like that in Santa Clara?

Allison said...

Well, Rubbertoe, I am going to have to say no, you are not the Idol fan that this young man is -- yet. But we all need something to aspire to be...