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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Revisiting the Inspiration!

On the eve of the Top 8 elimination show, I thought I would refresh y'all's memory on my Top 3 picks from Tuesday! Thank goodness for the wonder that is youtube!

1. David Archuletta "Angels"

2. Kristy Lee Cook "Anyway" (Still feels weird to have her in this position)

3. The Cuteness "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

Here's hoping that these three are safe! Good Luck to all our Idols this evening . . . except maybe Syesha . . . I don't dislike her, but STOP BREAKING THE IDOL COMMANDMENTS . . . someone give this girl a copy of the rules . . . STAT!

P.S. Couldn't post youtube clips without paying homage to . . . .

The Hotness!

Holla, y'all!

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