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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Carly Can't Live If Living is Without Us!

Up next, Carly . . . missing The Hotness . . . Hey Carly, he says hi!
Carly thinks Mariah is a little ball of sunshine.

Without You - I'm just gonna let this one play. I really want her to rock it. Completely awesome! I'm thrilled for her. She just rocks the house. It was a BIG BALL OF AWESOME for me.

Randy thought that she did a Great job on the second half of the song, but needed to blow it out on the first part. Paula liked her restraint in the song and thought she did a great job. Simon didn't think she pulled it off. . .

I really hope they watch this over again, and hear what I heard sitting here with The Hotness. I just thought she did a great job. She showed the appropriate restraint at the right times, and really did a great job.

I also think she just looked great. The best I've seen her look.

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