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Monday, April 21, 2008

David Hernandez sighting I went to the dentist today and as I was passing the 24 hour fitness gym in West Hollywood (commonly known as WeHo)...none other but David Hernandez and some other guy come walking out. So apparently after being eliminated #12....stripper boy has not left LA...I'm not surprized.....he could easily get a job in WeHo like he had in Arizona....and he can pursue his career. Good to see the Stripper Boy is still hitting the gym keeping that lap dance machine in good order.


J said...

That made me laugh out loud. TtownIdol fan sayz we'll meet you at "Mickey's" :)

Rubbertoe said...

Mickeys burned down about a year ago. They are remodeling the place, although I suspect it will open as something else....
The old mainstays "Rage" and "Mickeys" have been struggling as of late since "the Abbey" kept expanding and took about 75% of all the business.

Although...when the new "Mickeys" opens...I'm sure stripper boy could get a job as a go-go boy.

Seriously though...I was walking by and when he walked out the door....we made eye contact...and I know I must have had this..."you're David Hernandez" look on my face...because he gave me this "I know exactly what you are thinking" look on his face...and we just kinda both politely smiled as we passed....I felt like saying "You got robbed"....but let it go.

Last partner Scott gave directions to Blake Lewis and talked with Ace Young two years ago at a carwash.....