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Monday, April 14, 2008

The Top 7 do Mimi!

I think y'all got the point from several prior posts that I am not thrilled with our Top 7 Idols singing Mimi's songboook; however, we must perservere. Therefore, I'm gonna make a run at some predictions . . . Our buddy DJSlim over at IdolBlogLive has already reported that Carly will be singing "Without You". I'm on the fence about this one. "Without You" is definitely an Idol "moment" song. However, I have horrifying visions of Carly straining to hit those lingering high notes towards the end of the song . . .and Ms. Clarkson did it sooooooooooooo beautifully in season one.

So, with one down and six to go, here are my thoughts/picks for our Idols

Syesha Mercado - Will probably sing Vision of Love . . .but, I wish she would sing "Love Takes Time". LTT is also a ballad from Mimi's first CD, but it's MUCH MORE SUBTLE, and would allow her to acutally sing, and not STRAIN TO HIT NOTES THAT SHE IS INCAPABLE OF HITTING . . . I Will Always Love You performance circa Top 9 week. P.S. Outside shot she might sing "Can't Let Go"

The Cuteness/Brooke White - this duo could have some difficulty adapting their styles to Mimi's songbook. I think that Brooke may have a slight edge here as she has proven an ability to rearrange songs a little better than The Cuteness. That being said, I believe that one of them will sing Mimi's cover of "I'll be there" from her MTV Unplugged album. Ok, ok, I just had a thought, there is an acousticishesque type version of "Can't Let Go" on the unplugged album . . . Perhaps they could split these songs, break them down acoustically, and remain safe . . . as they should be.

The Comeback Kid - Ok, so, KLC could also be on the chopping block this week. Her only hope is to take one of Mimi's songs and simplify it. Don't try all of the runs, just sing the melody and let it build and build and hit the big money note at the end. Worked quite nicely last week. I think one of the songs that could (read: I'm really nervous for her) work for her is "Hero" . . . this song kind of makes me want to throw up lumpy, but it could be simplified in such a way that she could, maybe, pull it off, sort of . . . yikes.

Updated pick: I Still Believe . . . originally by Brenda K. Starr . . . could work. OR . . . just found that La Carey did a remake of "Open Arms" . . . KLC could rock that into a big ball of awesome . . . if they let her . .

Lil David - If he gets his first choice, I think he will pluck "Hero" from the clever hands of The Comeback Kid. Honestly though, there aren't many of these sweeping ballads that Lil Bit couldn't pull off. There are two, however, that I would kinda get a kick out of hearing him singing. First, "I Dont Wanna Cry" from her first CD. I'm not sure if he can infuse the song with the emotion that it needs, but it sure would be pretty. The one I really want him to sing . . . but he won't . . . is an obscure song from Mimi's 2nd CD called "Til the end of time". If this song is edited into 1.5 minutes correctly, it could be one of those idol "moments".

Rocker David - As I have stated in previous posts, Rocker David's niche here will have to be taking one of these songs and turning it into a longing, aching, emo death march. There's a couple of songs I could see him doing . . . mostly obscure. There is one off of CD number 2 called "The Wind". He could totally do this one with an edge, but it would be a bit of a different song for him . . . a little musical growth if you will . . . There's also a really belt-y ballad called "If Its Over" which is really kind of bitchy and angsty and he could probably turn it into something. Say it together now, "Emo Death March" . . . and he'll be safe into the Top 6.

Carly - Without You - we know she is singing this one; however, this may not be a great song if she is eliminated . . . "Well I can't forget this evening or your face as you were leaving, but I guess that's just the way the story goes" Would be bad lyrics to sing as your departing song.

What do y'all think?

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