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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Friendly Little Comptetion: Week 7

Ok, so, we've had to alter the friendly little game just a wee little bit. We all predicted a bottom three for this week . . . however, the Idol Machine decided to only provide us with a bottom two . . . therefore, the fact that ALL of us got at least one of the Bottom Three wrong will be somewhat forgiven . . .

A reminder of last week's standings:

1. Rubbertoe: 14 Points
1. Josh: 14 Points
3. Allison: 13 Points
3. L: 13 Points
5. K: 12 Points
6. TtownIdolFan: 10 Points

Our predictions:

Rubbertoe: (One of the Bottom two correct)
Josh: (One of the Bottom two correct)
Allison: (One of the Bottom two correct)
L: (Two of the bottom two correct)
K: (One of the bottom two correct)
TtownIdolFan: (One of the Bottom two correct)

None of us got the blasphemous elimination correct . . . UGH!
None of us got the pre-top 12 pick correct . . . UGH!

New Standings:

1. Rubbertoe: 15 points
1. Josh: 15 points
1. L: 15 points (New Tie For Number 1)
4. Allison: 14 points
5. K: 13 points
6. TtownIdolFan: 11 points

Congratulations to L! For being the big winner this week! Hooray!

I gotta go now and find some Neil Diamond 45's . . .

1 comment:

L&K said...

Yay! but sad too...Carly was interesting to watch. I had to put her in the bottom group for song choice and lack of connection with middle America. I just don't think she had the fan base of Brooke. And apparently not the fan base of The Cuteness - maybe most people just watched him with the sound off?