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Monday, April 28, 2008

2500 Hits: A Quarter of 10,000, Y'all!

In honor of our 2500th hit, I thought I would play off of the Top 4 Curse, and post, what I think are the best performances of the victims of the Top 4 Curse . . .

First up, Tamyra Gray . . . L and I used to sit in the car round about 2am and listen to this song on the AI 1 compilation CD . . . May I present, "A House Is Not A Home"

Next up, LaToya London . . . Again, L and I LOVED her . . . I can remember in the Top 32 of Season 3 when Ms. London showed up - without any pimping during the auditions - to sing in the pimp spot of one of the "weeks of 8" . . . May I present, "All By Myself"

Finally, Chris Daughtry . . . Also, a clip from the Top 32/24 section . . . Most of us first took notice of The Daughtry when he channelled Fuel . . . May I present "Hemorrhage"

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