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Trent Harmon Wins The Last American Idol

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dial Idol Results

Check out DialIdol.Com to see where our Top 7 Idols are ranking. I'm trying to figure out how to link to the actual predictions page, but I haven't quite gotten there yet. Anybody know how to do it?

Anyhoo, overview to come soon . . . I'm still not sure, but, after reading many reviews, I'm VERY certain that I'm living on the island of unpopular opinion about Rocker David . . . don't get me wrong, I have no thoughts of him being in the bottom three, I just didn't love him . . . P.S. I think Allsion just might reside on the island with me . . . thankfully for us, I brought The Hotness with me! :)

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