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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

One Rock n' roll too many

SO who goes home tonight:

As I indicated previously if you base it on last night's performance alone....Castro by a landslide...However I think Castro slides through and avoids elimination despite his disaster of a performance last night. He's got a strong base because of his good looks and charm.
Brooke avoids elimination because she is the prettiest girl left....she has a fairly strong base and her vocals were actually pretty good, albeit uncomfortable
Carly avoids elimination by the skin of her teeth. I think her performance last night was good and I liked her more upbeat/rock edge. It would have been a wreck if she had gone with her first choice "Music of the night".

Bottom 3: Castro, Brooke, Syesha

Syesha's number is rock n' roll too many.......

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J said...

We are a united front, my brother... What an odd idol night . . .