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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Update from Lunch Review

So ok. Maybe Brooke is not quite as bad as I initially thought, but it still wasn't good for me. Brooke obviously was very emotional over the song, and I felt her emotions when she was talking to the judges, but the performance was lackluster.

Josh still isn't with me at all on the lack of sincerity. So trying to be more concrete -- The hair and dress seemed like a costume to me. Her stage presence felt contrived. Brooke obviously sang the song well, but to use a famous Simon phrase, if that was the first time I heard her I wouldn't get it. And I would really be shocked that she was Top 8 on Idol.

I like Brooke, but I thought this was a weak performance during a night when she could have really shined.

Also on second review, I am more convinced that Syesha is going home.

And, KLC's performance was really good.

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