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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A "fowl" night

So the night started off with the contestants being woken up by an announcement and a flurry of feathered fowl running around the rooms. The contestants had to catch and chicken and then proceeded downstairs only to find the host holding a cleaver and telling them that they were going to learn how to "respect" the food. It ended with Chef Ramsey telling Jean Claude to "shut it down" winners tonight. One person from the red and the blue team to be nominated to be eliminated....

Oh....sorry.....wrong show. Where were we? I think I am recovering from a hangover....took the advice to have a couple of cocktails before the show. Turns out...didn't need them. In fact, my greatest fear (that Jason Castro would have a horrible night) not only didn't materialize, IMHO he was the third best of the night.

Here is my quick breakdown:

1. David Archuletta - As Randy put it....when you can can sing anything. Another idol cliché "He could sing the phone book". I thought Lil David once again far outdistanced the others.

2. David Cook - Also very good....but not as good as HE thought it was. He was moved to tears by the judges comments. Randy's praise was a little over the top. I had to agree with Simon.

3. Jason Castro - Very Very good. I especially loved Simon's comments when he did the little suspense thing: "I'm gonna have to agree with...............................................................................Paula.

4. Syesha - Although there is a big gap between Castro and the girls, I thought Syesha was the best of the bunch from the girls. She missed a few notes, but overall it was good.

5. Carly - A little strange. Not as good as it should have been. The power notes were good, but overall I agreed with the judges...she missed the opportunity to really blow one out and I think she is vulnerable tonight.

6. KLC - What can I say....the girl has clearly overstayed her welcome. Although it was not as bad as here performances of weeks past, it was definitely down....way down from her performance last week.

7. Brooke - What happened here? She started off OK...but midway through it became bizarrely uncomfortably. She seemed to lose complete confidence and the song fell apart.

So who goes home?
Bottom 3: SHOULD be: Carly, KLC and Brooke
Will be: Carly, KLC and Brooke

Predication: Leaving us tonight after being long overdue........KLC.


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