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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

You're the meaning in my life, you're my inspiration

Idols do life anthems. Hmm. I am not completely sure what these song choices tell us about the idols' lives, but we did get some pretty nice performances last night. Here's my run down:

1. Little David -- love to see him at the piano, great voice and song choice. Josh and I had a lively discussion about whether or not he was passionate enough in his performance. I wanted MORE passion. Josh thought the understatement was spot on. As I told Josh, by his number one ranking in my order CLEARLY the lack of passion did not seem to hurt him. Perhaps Little David will develop some more passion as he gets more experience in being an artist. That's what is missing for me. But still a "head and shoulders above the rest" performance from our favorite 17 year old.

2. Jason C. -- I will admit, I was a little worried for Jason C., but I think that the exchanging of the guitar for the ukulele made a HUGE difference in this not being just another signer songwriter night for him. Loved the performance, I would sit for hours in a bar listening to him sing and strum.

3. KLC -- the girl is going to be a country star. Last night proved it. She is beautiful, she has the look, and that song showed off her voice. Sorry Josh and Shep -- I think this girl is SAFE from the bottom 3 tonight.

4. Aussie Mike -- He is just hot. good song choice, pretty good performance. He had a LOT to live up to from last week and I think that his effort was good enough.

5. David Cook -- by no means his strongest performance. Vocals were a little weird for me. But he is a rock star. The jacket got mixed reviews at our idol watching party, but I was ok with it. And I still HEART the haircut.

6. Brooke -- I really hated this performance in its entirety. I know I had a bad attitude going into it because I don't like the song in the first place, but it felt insincere. Until now the one thing I love about Brook is the authenticity she brings to her performances. This did not work for me. Josh COMPLETELY disagrees. We are going to watch it again at lunch today so maybe after a second opinion I will feel better about it. she is ranked 6 for me because her vocals were good and in tune and she did not scream. She won't be in the bottom 3 because she went last.

7. Carly -- As Paula Abdul's traditional "I'm getting ready to tell you that I hated the performance" line, let me start by saying Carly looked great. She was pretty and edgy without looking dated. She is a good performer, but this performance did not work. Probably because the vocals were a little rough (I agree with Josh that there may be something up with her voice).

8. Syesha -- Don't break the rules. Lakeshia almost went home with that song choice last year. And I don't think this girl is going to be so lucky.

America's Bottom 3: Syesha, Carly, Aussie Mike*
Going home: Carly

*My choices for the last spot came down to Aussie Mike and David Cook. I went with Aussie Mike because he was first and because I think the Daughtry fans from season 5 like David Cook and won't let him go to the bottom 3 because they are still bitter about Daughtry's top 4 exit. I know my sister, LT, is still bitter.

Very, very bitter.

She still has not quite recovered from that upset to this day.

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